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How Revitalize Was Born

In December 1995, I became ill with the flue and strep throat and was prescribed a series of antibiotics (four different types in a four month period). My throat did not get any better and continued to burn for months. I went from doctor to doctor without any results. Finally, an ENT specialists diagnosed me with a condition called thrush (aka yeast), which is directly related to the overuse of antibiotics, but he was unable to help me.

In March 1996, I was so sick my symptoms because more severe. I had brain fog, a stoned feeling, nervousness, anxiety, fatigue, insomnia, developed food allergies and could feel my heart beat pounding in my stomach and throughout my entire body. Doctors told me these symptoms were related to depression and stress. I did not accept this diagnosis and knew it was something else, but didn't know what. This is when I decided to begin my research.

In October 1996, my symptoms progressively worsened. In two months time I lost 35 pounds and became bedridden for approximately one year. My next step was to see a doctor in Canada and he diagnosed me with candida. Candida is a yeast-like fungus that lives in the colon. In my case, the yeast became over grown due to the excessive use of antibiotics, and depleted my body of good bacteria. Because of this health challenge my body was depleted of essential vitamins and minerals. I was particularly lacking magnesium and potassium. This Canadian doctor prescribed a natural anti-fungal remedy in addition to a special diet (Caveman diet). This unfortunately did not work. It only resulted in my not being able to leave my house for the next three and a half years.

In September 1998, I called an ambulance because my heart went into Premature Ventricle Contractions (PVCs) and I was taken to a local hospital. My lab work showed low amounts of potassium and magnesium. I was prescribed antenolol for my irregular heartbeat and referred to a gastroenterologist. My symptoms continued.

In January,1999 I had an endoscopy performed.  During the test, doctors noticed something protruding in the stomach wall, which caused concern and they immediately ordered a cat scan.  I knew something was very wrong because God had told me to be strong and of good courage.  It was then discovered that I had an aneurysm in a splenetic artery a main artery going to the spleen.  Needless to say, I was quickly scheduled for surgery on February 17th 1999.  It was the longest three weeks of my life.  I felt like a time bomb.  I knew God wouldn't have revealed the aneurysm if He were going to take me home.  It was a miracle that it was even revealed.  In this case, my heart PVC's actually saved my life.

In September 2000, I once was rushed to the hospital in an ambulance.  At this point I had lost a total of 47 pounds and the doctors misdiagnosed me by assuming I was anorexic weighing about 100 pounds.  Once again, I returned home with the same symptoms.  I could not take it any longer.  I prayed to God please help me, Ive been going thru this for almost 6 years!  God had reminded me of a friend who went to a doctor in Syracuse NY, so I contacted this him. I called him on a Friday and got in to see him that following Monday.  I had a series of blood work and stool samples, which revealed the cause of my aliments was a resistant strain of candida known as Gabreta.  Finally I got to the bottom of my almost six years of pain and suffering!  But it wasn't over with yet. I was lacking many minerals, vitamins and amino acids and the culprit of the aneurysm was lack of copper.  For the next six months I was put on a series of anti-fungals, followed by a restricted diet and a regimen of vitamins and minerals.

In December, 2000 I was introduced to the word colonic.  The Syracuse physician said in order to remove yeast by anti fungals , I needed to get a series of Colonics.  He provided with a name of a certified colon therapist.  I hesitated at first in contacting the colon therapist, but quickly I realized I needed to follow through with his protocol.  The reason for the series of colonic's was, the yeast lives in the colon and the dead yeast is food for the live yeast!  By having the colonic the dead yeast was removed, allowing the good flora to be replenished and to flourish, therefore causing a balance in the colon.

In July 2001, I finally regained my health.  I have learned from this that God always turns bad into good!  Colonics were a major part of my healing.  Colonics gave me my life back.  I thank God for the opportunity to be able to help others with their healing and preventative care.  To this date, I continue to receive colonics to constantly improve my overall health and keep my immune system built up.  I have been Revitalized!



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Kathleen Martin

Kathleen is a certified Colon Therapist. She was chronically ill with Systemic Candida for six years and was unable to leave her house for over three years. A Doctor first introduced Kathleen to colonics when he recommended colon irrigations as a part of her treatment. Kathleen received her first colonic in February 2001. By March 2001, after her fourth colonic, her whole skin color and physical appearance improved and she was able to leave her house for the first time in six years. 

In July 2001, Kathleen received her Colon Therapist Certification from Woods Hygienic Institute in Kissimmee, Florida. In the Fall of 2001, Kathleen opened Revitalize You Inc. in the Utica-Rome area. Kathleen even now continues to receive colonics monthly and continues to see wonderful improvements after each session. After receiving her second colonic she knew what God wanted her to do with her life. To help others improve their health and well-being. Her testimony is her inspiration for the desire to help everyone live a normal, healthy life.